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Sharepoint using Kerberos on Windows 2008

Sharepoint 2007 has two authentication protocols it can use internally. NTLM and Kerberos. Default it’s using NTLM since it is more or less plug and play. Kerberos is the more advanced authentication protocol since it allows the credentials be delegated across other trusted servers or services. I’m not going to tell you to always use […]

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I am Nico Berlee, 28 and lived all those years in Uden (Netherlands), I love to script, you can't imagine the contentment it gives me to see something happen exactly the way I wanted, with only a few clever written lines.

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AjaxBerlee 1.3a WordPress Theme


  • FEATURE: Better visitor experience when clicking on a link/search or commenting. Especially when the server or the connection is slow. It is configurable in the WP Admin Panel. Thanks to Vijayendra Mohanty for suggesting it
  • FEATURE: You can now disable the Left-Sidebar to have a bigger main column. Thanks to Becky Lai for the idea that is showed on

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AjaxBerlee 1.2 WordPress Theme

Please use the latest version!
Theme options

  • FEATURE: Configurable options in WordPress Admin Panel!
  • SUPPORT: WordPress Widget support
  • ENHANCEMENT: Made the TextSlider code much nicer. And works much better now.

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AjaxBerlee 1.1 WordPress Theme

Please use the latest version!

A minimal, simple, crisp, clear and light 3 column design. This plugin independent theme highlights the excerpt of the latest article on the home page. Continue reading

Faster deployment of new PC’s using GSS 2

When you have a fine Symantec Ghost Solution Suite deployment environment, it could still be a pain to deploy new computers. These are the steps you probably have to do:
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Force clients to choose the right Symantec Ghost Console

So, you have a great Symantec Ghost deployment solution to deploy your standardized sysprep image. On every physical (office) location you have a dedicated Ghost Console because the Ghost Console isn’t build for concurrent multi-user access and it would probably flood your backbone fiber if you only had one Ghost Console.

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Symantec Ghost Console networkcard detection update

When you install new computers in your corporate network with Symantec Ghost, choosing the right dos networkcard template could be a pain when you didn’t update your drivers that Ghost use for booting using the virtual partition in dos.  Major networkchip vendors like Broadcom or Intel are releasing every 2 months a new chip model along with a driver update… Continue reading

Writing my own Google Gadgets

Because I had some spare time, I took a good look at the Google Personalized Homepage… It looks very much the same as at first sight (although loading speed of Google is much better). Be amazed about the tremendious amount of items and gadgets you can add.
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AdSense and AJAX: Not a happy combination

After releasing my AjaxBerlee WordPress theme George and Milan’Che reported problems with Google’s AdSense. This left me with a problem. Because new page requests in my theme are parsed over the old ones. Continue reading

AjaxBerlee WordPress theme released

Please use the latest version!

With proud I present to you ….. my theme. I finally decided it’s works good enough to be used by others. Continue reading

Solved latency problems with Ajax

Cache is your friend, not the enemy

Internet Explorer handles AJAX responses different than other browsers. It will cache the response. The tendency on most articles I’ve read is: Caching is bad and you need disable caching!. No!!! Although Microsoft didn’t program Internet Explorer to respond according to RFC IE should do, that’s not an excuse to totally disable Cache. When visitors click on a link they expect something happens. Although AJAX makes the response time shrink, you don’t have any guarantee about the novelty of the content. Continue reading

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